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The usability of a kitchen depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the installed sink. After all, washing dishes and food takes a lot of time, and it is important that nothing interferes in this case. This means that a sink needs a spacious, functional, easy to clean, durable and, of course, a suitable headset in style. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully figure out how to choose a kitchen sink.

What are kitchen sinks by type of installation?

In order to truly correctly choose a sink for the kitchen, the next step is to think about how to install it. Popular installation options are as follows:
Overhead sinks. They are put on top of the kitchen modules like a lid - this installation is quick and easy. But water can drain into the joints (therefore, wall boards are needed), and not all headsets are suitable for installation.

What material to choose a sink for the kitchen?

Which sink is better for the kitchen: stainless steel or artificial stone? Or is it worth looking for a model made from natural materials? There is no definite answer. Therefore, remember the advantages and disadvantages of each option:
Stainless steel sink. The sinks made of steel are durable and reliable. Although the latter depends on the thickness - be guided by a model with walls of at least 0.8-1 mm, ideally 2 mm (although the price is higher). 

Black kitchen sinks

For any housewife, a sink is the basis of a workplace, without it it is meaningless to talk about the completion of repairs or design, therefore, you should approach with responsibility in its choice. Basically, we spend 60-70% in the kitchen, when preparing food, meeting with guests and friends, and just over a cup of tea, which distracts us from pressing problems and allows us to forget about the past and the future at least for a couple of minutes.
To do this, everything in your kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and practical. 

How do I care for my kitchen sink?

Against the background of all this, it is important to realize: knowing how to choose the right sink for the kitchen is half the battle. Even the best sink will go bad if you don't keep an eye on it. Although there is nothing complicated here, the recommendations for care are quite simple:
try to rinse it with warm water after each use and wipe it dry with a soft cloth;

What is the choice of the shape and size of the kitchen sink?

The very first question that needs to be answered is which kitchen sink is better in shape. There is no single correct option, each has its pros and cons:
Round sink. The classic form is considered to be very versatile. It has a larger capacity for the same volume than other sinks and is the easiest to clean. But often such models do not have additional sections, and the design may seem trivial.
Square sink. Such sinks are presented on the market in an assortment - the choice in material, color, size and equipment is huge. The advantages include capacity. But it is difficult to care for the square; cleaning the corners requires extra effort.
Rectangular sink. Such a bowl is more capacious than a square one, but for its installation an appropriate countertop is also needed (in this case, it is better not to put the sink across - otherwise it is not so convenient to work with it). The problem with washing corners, like with a square, is also present.
Corner sink. The triangular block is optimal for compact kitchens: this format will save part of the working space. But this is also a minus - after all, such sinks have a minimum capacity. And the choice is not so great, and washing the bowl is quite laborious.
Non-standard forms. Five- and hexagonal, trapezoidal and other similar sinks conquer with their original design and functionality (they usually have many sections and fenders on the sides). But the price is high, and they are only suitable for large kitchens.
Although the dimensions are a separate issue. To understand how to choose the right size for your kitchen sink, follow these tips:

Decide on the number of bowls. There are models on the market with bowls from 1 to 4. The more there are, the more convenient it is to separate dishes and food into containers - but also the higher the price of the sink.
Measure the kitchen set. The rule is simple: from the edge of the countertops to the edge of the sinks, a margin of about 5 cm is needed. If less, water will fall on the floor and walls; if it is more, it will be inconvenient to use the sink.
Estimate the depth of the bowl. The main (or the only) bowl should have a depth of about 20 cm. Then, on the one hand, water is not splashed on the sides, and on the other, you do not need to reach to its bottom.


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